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This is a great page for me as this is the page where I stop talking and let my clients do the talking for me. Also just want  to say a massive thank you to all my clients (and now also friends) who have spent their own time preparing these testimonials for me ... Thank You All so much...

Have a read through and  I hope you will be as impressed as I was to receive them.

FROM:- Amy in Radcliffe on Trent

When I was looking for a personal trainer, I was looking for a number of things

1. Someone who I could get on with on a personal level

2. Someone who would motivate me without shouting (which would not motivate me at all)

3. Someone who would continually challenge me to get fitter and fitter.

As soon as I met Sues I knew she would give me all these things. I train with Sues once and week at home, mainly working on core stability and strength with particular focus on my abs as I am determined to achieve abs to be proud of!  She continually pushes me without the need for shouting; the motivation comes from encouragement and support instead. She motivates in a way that makes me want to make both of us proud of my development and achievement.

We always have small short term goals to achieve, from being able to do a full press up (and from not being able to complete a ¾ one properly, after 6 weeks I was in full press up position and now after 10 weeks I can complete full press up’s!!) to being able to touch my toes (last time I could do that I was a child!) Along with long term achievements such as being able run 10k in a decent time. Having this range of goals makes it easier to progress as you have many achievements along the way.

Everything I have asked to be able to achieve, Sues has taken on board and devised a programme to help. She changes and develops my programme continually so I don’t get bored (something which can easily happen where exercise is concerned!).

I would thoroughly recommend Sues to anyone wanting a personal trainer. She is an amazing motivator, always pushing hard but with a smile on her face and a whole lot of encouragement. With Sues, I have lost inches, got fitter, feel more energised than ever and, very importantly, have had a lot of fun!

FROM:- Emma in Ravenshead

When I started my main aim was to drop a dress size and be able to run 5k without stopping.  I am so pleased to say that I have done both of these.

I train with Sues once a week and I am now running 9k and about to do a 10k race which is amazing as I was struggling to do 2k when we first started.  We usually do circuits with exercises and lots of ab work.

As a trainer Sues is the best, she always makes you feel as if your goals are her goals so the sense of achievement is so much greater as you know how proud of you she is.  Her motivational skills are amazing and she has the ability to push you to limits that I never thought I could do whilst making sure that each session is fun.  After every session I feel like a new women especially as Sues has the ability to help me forget about the stresses and strains of everyday life and provided me with quality ’me time’.

I would highly recommend Sues to anyone who wants to achieve any goal and feel good about them selves

FROM:- Nikki at RAF Cranwell

I started seeing Sues after the birth of my second child, as the baby weight wasn't coming off as quickly as I liked and I'd lost my confidence. I knew we'd get on as soon as I met her, which for me was really important and she put me at ease straight away. She listened to what I wanted to achieve & I was soon amazed by the results.

She continually gives me encouragement, even when I'm having an off day & I look forward to our sessions. I've now changed my lifestyle to accommodate my fitness regime, have lost most of the weight & feel good about myself, which I don't think I would have achieved without the help & support of Sues. I would recommend her to anyone & have!!!


FROM:- Andrea in Cotgrave

I contacted Sues after years of being overweight and under-fit. I was very nervous and had the image of personal trainers as frightening power machines, reserved purely for the already fit and healthy. When I met her for the consultation, Sues was lovely. I felt at ease with her straight away and knew that she would be able to help. She took everything I hoped for into account and designed a programme tailored to my needs and ability.

We agreed on some exercises to do at home which were both fun and challenging, and left me with a great sense of achievement. My progress was regularly monitored and the exercise adapted as I went along. She also supported me in starting to jog again; something I had not managed since my early twenties.

With the encouragement and advice I received, I have surprised myself. Two stones and two dress sizes later, I am well on the way to being healthy for life. I doubt I would have managed without Sues. Professional, friendly... and ready to give you a gentle kick up the bottom when needed!

I would certainly recommend Sues as a personal trainer. I have never enjoyed exercise so much. Her motivation and encouragement are just what I needed. Give her a try yourself!

Thanks Andrea

FROM:- Charlotte - Southwell

About four years ago my physical health and wellbeing was at a very low point. It was not a good advert for a 46 year old. I decided to have a personal trainer to improve my fitness and more than anything lose weight.

I needed someone who would be a constant influence on my eating and exercise. I knew Sues from my old job so got back in touch, it’s the best decision I made to change my life.

I see Sues on a fortnightly basis. I have an hour of her time when I work on my exercise programme with adaptions if need be.  We discuss my programme & diet to help me through tricky dates in my diary. Sues weighs and measures me on a regular basis. Sues will regularly keep in touch by text and e mail so I have a constant support. This is so valuable to me and is all part of Sues devotion to her job.

 I have dropped over 5 stone and lost more inches in total than my height.  My shape has completely changed and so has my wardrobe.  My husband says I look younger at 50 than what I did at 40. I owe my new health and wellbeing to Sues. I will always be in her debt.

FROM:- Amanda – Sawley

My search for a Personal Trainer started and ended when I found Sues.  I was looking to tone up for my wedding and improve my general fitness overall.  It's now over four years since my wedding and I've been seeing her ever since and can't imagine a time when I won't.

Sues is passionate about her work which is inspiring.  A fantastic warm and caring person who manages to make all the pain bearable!  I can wholly recommend Sues, which I have as two of my friends are also clients!

FROM:- Emma – Cotgrave

I have been having PT sessions with Sues for a few years now, before training with her I found my general fitness level wasn't as good as I would have liked and I lacked the motivation to stick at going to a gym.

I was a little nervous about working with her as I thought she would get me doing things that I didn't enjoy, like jogging! I need not have worried though as although we did give it a go Sues could see that I wasn't enjoying it and getting the most from our session so adapted the program to suit me but to still get the desired effects (I do go jogging occasionally now and it's not such a big deal).

I didn't need to lose much weight, but the 10lb that I wanted to lose came off with relative ease, I would say more importantly to me though was the change to my shape, tone and fitness.

Sues is great to work with, always encouraging, very professional and great fun too. She can be tough when needed, which is not a bad thing in my case. If you’re thinking of working with a personal trainer I would thoroughly recommend Sues, so don't keep thinking about it, just do it and start enjoying the benefits.

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